1. Assist the government organizations to setup an effective organizational structure and an efficient   civil service responsive to the citizen’s demands/expectations for service delivery.
  2. Assist in administrative reforms in public sector entities in line with the modern good governance practices.
  3. Act as focal point for administrative restructuring in the Federal Government
  4. Provide input in the public policy through research on issues in Public Administration.
  5. Streamline the systems and procedures of Government functioning according to the changing needs.
  6. Realign the Federal Government  personnel system consistent with good governance practices
  7. Act as Human Resource Support Unit of the Establishment Division.
  8. Support and assist the Ministries/Divisions/Departments for setting up an Information Technology environment and promote e-government endeavors in accordance with decisions of the National e-government Council . 
  9. Bring attitudinal change in the Government functionaries through organizing training programs on various aspects of organizational behavior.