Management Services Wing of the Establishment Division is an in-house Management Consultancy Wing to the Federal Government’s Organizations.  The main objective of this Wing is to assist the Federal Ministries / Divisions / Departments / Offices and Autonomous Bodies / Corporations in rationalization of their organizational structures, logical distribution of functions, and simplification of operational procedures, job designing, developing performance standards and recommending effective staff strength for their smooth functioning.


Our vision is the evolution of efficient and effective government machinery responsive to the changing management practices and the challenges of 21st century, i.e., change management practices, automation, modernization and globalization and to meet the citizen’s demand for good governance.


The mission of the MS wing is to design and restructure public sector organizations, keeping pace with new technological developments and changing needs of stake holders, through demand driven bottom up approach, innovation, new service features and sound professional advice, by providing its clients with best possible service delivery system in all fields of governance. To work as a catalyst in the promotion of good governance through systems and procedural reviews and restructuring/reorganization as well as revitalization of the administrative setup of federal government organizations. The ultimate objective of this mission is to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in government organizations.