Commission on Administrative Restructuring

Terms of Reference:

  1. To review and consider appeals on tile recommendations made by Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha's Committee, remove short­ comings, if any, and to formulate revised recommendations for rightsizing of the Federal Ministries/Divisions/ Attached Departments/Offices, Public Sector corporations and Autonomous Bodies for approval of the Cabinet.
  2. To monitor the implementation of the revised recommendations approved by the Cabinet and to submit monthly progress reports to the Cabinet.
  3. To consult the Provincial Governments in respect of the recommendations relating to provincialization of the departments/offices and public sector corporations / autonomous bodies.
  4. To categorize the staff to be rendered surplus and to prepare computerized lists of such staff i.e. professional or technical; administrative, managerial and executives, clerical, unskilled staff and others.
  5. To prepare a plan of action for the absorption of surplus staff through re training, micro enterprise loans and re­ assignment of vacancies available elsewhere.
  6. To consider reference from Ministries/Divisions/ Departments/Offices and Corporations for recruitment to technical/specialized posts which cannot be filled up by the surplus pools and give requisite clearance/ no objection certificate for recruitment to such posts.
  7. To prepare cost estimates for golden-handshake, early retirement benefits and other schemes for the absorption of surplus staff in consultation with the Finance and Economic Affairs Divisions. (The World Bank has already agreed in principle to finance the downsizing costs or DFls / Banks and Public Sector Corporations in the Power Sector.


Commission on Administrative Restructuring Report