Cabinet Committee on Institutional Reforms (CCIR)

Terms of Reference:

  1. Work out an implementation strategy / work plan in consultation with the Task force taking into consideration the following aspects:

- Cost benefit analysis specific to the entities concerned.

- Expected outcome of the proposed transformation with reference to service delivery.

- Constitutional and legal ramifications/considerations.

- Issues pertaining to terms and conditions of Civil Servants and impact of the re-organization exercise on career progression of existing Civil Servants.

  1. Determine the size, composition and staffing of the Federal Government Secretariat, attached departments and autonomous bodies and monitor its implementation after the approval of the Cabinet;
  2. Suggest an appropriate hierarchical organization i.e. tiering within each Ministry / Division, attached departments and autonomous bodies;
  3. Design a modern public service structure for the Federal Government including human resources policies incorporating principles of good governance; and
  4. Simplify and redesign the rules of businesses, other rules and business processes including the measures to introduce e-governance to improve the efficiency in disposal of government work. Cabinet Secretary would act as the Secretary of the Committee and regularly submit the minutes of the Committee for the ratification by the Cabinet.