Recognizing the importance and utility of the services being rendered by the MS Wing the Government of Pakistan has specifically directed all its Ministries/Divisions/ Departments and organizations under Secretariat Instruction # 75 to utilize the services of this Wing with reference to solving their various organizational and operational problems.  The text of this instruction is reproduced below:-

To prevent unnecessary expansion of the government and to avoid duplication/ overlapping of functions allocated to Ministries/Divisions under Schedule II to the Rules of Business, all the Ministries/Divisions shall comply with the following directions:-

  1. Utilize the free consultancy services of MS Wing as far as possible and save expenditure on foreign/local consultants. 
  2. Involve MS Wing at the time of expansion also.  Expansion in their activities and/or in number of personnel should be got cleared by the MS Wing.
  3. Give representation to the MS Wing on all Commissions/Committees concerned with the reorganization of government machinery.