Rules of Business 1973

1. To act as Management Consultants to the Federal Government and to undertake case studies to solve specific  management problems utilizing techniques like PERT, CPM, System Analysis, Operations Research and O&M.

2. Review of organizations, functions and procedures of the Divisions, attached departments, all other Federal Government offices and departments, autonomous organizations and taken over industries with the objective of improving their efficiency.

3. Periodical review of staff strength in the Divisions, attached departments and all other Federal Government Offices

4. Initiation of proposals for simplification of systems, forms, procedures and methods for efficient and economic execution of Government business, minimizing public inconvenience and evolution of built-in safeguards against corruption.

5. Training of Government functionaries in techniques like O&M, CPM, PERT, systems analysis and operations research both within the country and abroad.

6. Promotion of the knowledge and use of O&M concepts, PERT and CPM techniques, Systems Analysis and Operations Research within all Government offices and organizations.

7. Reorganization of a Division or an attached department or a change in the status of an Attached Department.

8. Organization, on a permanent basis of a working unit in a Division other than as a Section.

9. Determination of the status of Government offices.